mittwoch / 22 August / 20:30 uhr

Thy Veils Live Neoradiant

Thy Veils(Timisoara/Romania) is a concept turned into style, a minimalist and complex meditation. It speaks through dense vision about exploration,  experimentation and the search within the sphere of the undefined, of movement in the quantum.

Thy Veils started out as a studio project in 1995, headed by Daniel Dorobantu, and soon it became a pioneering name

in the Romanian ambient music scene. After 13 years of studio productions, in 2008 Daniel transforms Thy Veils into an ensemble of performing art.

Thy Veils' live show in Berlin will showcase their newest creative chapter entitled "Neoradiant", the next step in their odyssey, a new and vast dimension defined by an artistic vision that focuses on the future and getting there guided by a sense of wonder, enthusiastic dynamics and the contemplative ecstasies of freely exploring the Universe and its reality.

After 8 years, Thy Veils returns to Berlin, celebrating 20 years of activity.

See you there and keep your heart in wonder!


20:30 o ´clock // 15 EUR // tickets at the box-office

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